At Acezd, we aspire to fuel the creativity in our employees to create an idea and provide full freedom to take the idea to market we have presently started in bussiness advisory space where our motto is to help a company grow its topline as well as improve bottom line through

Business initiave such as expanding
customer base, capturing bigger
market share, diversifying product
portfolio, etc.

Operation improvement initiatives
to bring in operational efficiences
for the client orgnization.

System and IT (or process and
system) enablement.

People and change so that the
client has most skilled, capable
and compatible employees
to lead their business agenda.


Our Business consulting team develops value-creating, enterprise or business unit wide strategies that address:
  • Where to compete (products, markets, channels and customers).
  • How to compete (competencies and sources of advantage).

Our supply chain and operations consulting team develops the operations strategy, improves the effectiveness of current processes and develops new processes for clients to support business innovation. Delivers operational cost savings and effectiveness improvements.

Our Organizational and People Consulting team utilizes leading edge change strategies to manage business transformations and realize the value in major program implementations
  • Provides program leadership, communications and organizational engagement
  • Helps develop capability and capacity
  • Creates organizational design and governance plans
  • Manages performance and transforms culture.
Our Technology Consulting team examines how technologies can save money and grow business while supporting core business strategies.We
  • Identify strategies to increase shareholder value through technology initiatives
  • Determine technical feasibility and cost of business/customer strategic options
  • Determine strategic possibilities enabled by new technologies